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"Between the lines – Zhou Guoping house opening ceremony held 28 days in Beijing – Sohu read the afternoon of August 28th, is located in Jin Yuan new Lufthansa Shopping Center" between the lines Zhou Guoping house opening ceremony. The famous writer and philosopher Zhou Guoping teacher title Jin Yuan center together between the lines. Beijing Municipal Bureau of press and publication department of development planning (Industry Planning Office) deputy director Li Guoxin, deputy director Li Shengli, between the lines chairman He Pengfei, general manager Chen Shaomin, writer Zhou Guoping, "V store" founder of Kazakhstan attended the opening ceremony. This is the brand new attempt to upgrade the bookstore between the lines.   as of today, between the lines in the country has 19 stores, regardless of location or management has a wealth of experience in the shop. But the chain is not a simple copy, in order to become a "special store" chain bookstores, between the lines launched the "3 edition" brand promotion plan, the existing 19 stores to reform, to build a new "famous study", to create a domestic living writer and the bookstore cooperation to create a precedent for the personal library, bookstores the brand upgrade pointed out another way. Now the unveiling of the Zhang Jiajia house, Liu Xinwu house, the unveiling of the "Zhou Guoping house" is to build the third celebrity house between the lines. Zhou Guoping is a famous scholar, writer and philosopher, and a research fellow of the Institute of philosophy, Chinese Academy of social sciences. His prose is beautiful and profound, rich in philosophy, with a large number of loyal readers, with great influence. "Zhou Guoping house" will focus on the layout of Mr. Zhou Guoping, Mr. Zhou Guoping’s works display over the years, Mr. Zhou Guoping has recommended books designed frame, Mr. Zhou Guoping will often go to the store, and held here in the reading salon, book publishing, readers, writers talk and other activities. Mr. Zhou Guoping’s appeal and influence will allow more into the bookstore, fell in love with reading. Between the lines and provides the best platform for writers and readers to communicate.   and the "Zhou Guoping house" is also the opening ceremony of Mr Zhou Guoping’s book "the four year old daughter, we started talking about the philosophy of" conference theme is "philosophy for children — to give the child intelligence growth force". This is Guoneishoubu parent-child dialogue philosophy encyclopedia, is Mr. Zhou Guoping and daughter tweeted the warmth in the parent-child interaction in the dialogue record. From her childhood father Zhou Guoping tweeted, they love talking with her. Father and daughter of the conversation from the child’s most curious "really Santa Claus?" "Why do you love mom and dad?" "What’s up?" How long is the world?" And other popular topics, eventually leading to aesthetic, love, life, understanding and other profound themes. Immature Hunpu and children great philosopher’s ideas form, hand-painted watercolors depicting artistic figure long interspersed among them, between the lines, painting painting radiates the light of philosophy and the beauty of life. This book is the soul of the dialogue with his daughter the truth, is to enhance the quality of adults and children love each other the answer book, is to lay the world baby baby book background color. In this book, Zhou Guoping provides a path with father.相关的主题文章: