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The woman went to Shanghai for the compound attempted ex boyfriend caused the injured love with lethal tie, revenge or even become enemies are not uncommon in reality. The day before, Shanghai Yangpu District City People’s court sentenced this case of intentional injury, in an attempt to composite refused woman Zhang Yanyong a drug with ex boyfriend Li Gang caused the injury, the court sentenced Zhang Yan constituted the crime of intentional injury, sentenced to imprisonment for 4 years. Loading… Love for 5 years, it is difficult to accept. Her name is Zhang Yan, born in 1981, graduated from junior high school, working in Shanghai. His name is Li Gang, Shanghai people. In 2010, two people in Shanghai know a KTV club. After two people in love, renting cohabitation. Li Gang met Zhang Yan, a married man, after his wife passed away. In the spring of 2015, when two people are ready to get married, Li Gang mother firmly opposed, so Li Gang and Zhang Yan break up. Zhang Yan returned to his hometown of attempts to Dutch act are hardly wished to live., the family discovered rescued. Although Zhang Yan is still living in the home, the heart of Li Gang, eager to love. However, Li Gang is determined not to meet. How can we see before Zhang Yan cudgel thinking, her boyfriend? Only when she met, she was able to persuade him to continue his relationship and get married. As Zhang Yan said: "he put forward to break up, I don’t agree, I really love him very much. Although I live in the home, but many times to Shanghai to find him, he is always hiding from me. I search a medicine from the Internet, want to use this medicine to his dog after the coma, I put the dog away, let him come to me." Then, she found on the Internet to "a medicine", spent 50 yuan will buy medicine and syringes. Want to embrace the attempt, the poison needle forward boyfriend one morning in early November 2015, Zhang Yan carried the dress syringe drugged, Li Gang hurried to the living area. Did not find his puppy, but in the underground garage exports met Li Gang, Zhang Yan warm up, and made a request to restore the relationship, Li Jian never agree. Later, the rain, the two men into the garage, Li Gang proposed to send Zhang Yan to the subway station, the car on the car, very much like to hold a second time, but was rejected, and was pushed away by a, but also the first time, the first time, the car is not worth it. Zhang Yan because of love and hate, while it is not prepared, pulled out the needle from his pocket to Lee just right arm tied up. For a while, Li Gang feel unwell, quickly ran out of the garage, he fainted in the green area of the garage exit, after being taken to hospital for rescue. Zhang Yan also fled back home. Li Gang although not life-threatening, but after identification, which is called the medicine injection of succinylcholine chloride (also known as loose bone agent). After the poisoning, coma, respiratory failure, ischemic hypoxic encephalopathy, acute renal insufficiency, acute liver dysfunction, after emergency treatment to take appropriate measures to improve the stability, constitute serious injury two. After the incident, the police arrested Zhang Yan from home. In the meantime, Zhang Yan family compensation of 15000 yuan medical expenses. Court, Zhang Yan pleaded guilty attitude, tears, said sorry for Li Gang, in fact, love him very much. Zhang Yan’s behavior constitutes a crime of intentional injury? Zhang Yan’s defender believes that in his hometown has been suffering from mental illness and hospitalization, their behavior is due to the lovelorn and emotional control, it is difficult to constitute intentional injury. Public prosecution machine相关的主题文章: