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Thinking of the reform of state-owned enterprises, the central enterprises innovation China News Network — the authority released the central enterprises, the SASAC, long-standing local state-owned enterprises the latest news — northeast, in the last century at the end of 90s there is the so-called "northeast phenomenon" said. In the discussion of the "northeast phenomenon", we found that there are two major problems in the Northeast: first, a single industrial structure, the two is the institutional mechanisms behind. Over the past ten years, although the northeast economy has made considerable progress, but the two problem still exists, has become the two disease hinder economic development in Northeast china. This is a reminder that in Northeast China cannot have plausible understanding of ambiguity, we must seize the key, identify priorities, prevented the revitalization of the Northeast stubborn chronic miasma completely with new ideas and new initiatives. Promote the supply side structural reform is the key to the revitalization of Northeast China. Some people think that the revitalization of northeast economy, after all rely on the market and demand expansion, and thus put their hopes in the introduction of large-scale stimulus. This view is not practical. The core industry in northeast area is the foundation of industry and equipment manufacturing industry, there is a positive correlation between the growth rate and the height of the national export growth, as long as the export situation is good, basic industries and equipment manufacturing industry, the demand growth is faster. At the beginning of the new century, with the rapid growth of the global economy, the northeast economy had a rapid growth of about 10 years, the growth rate reached more than two digits. But in 2008 the international financial crisis, the global economic downturn, sluggish demand, international trade growth has been lower than the growth rate of the world economy for 4 consecutive years. In this case, the northeast region’s basic industries and equipment manufacturing overcapacity problem has become increasingly prominent. More worrying is that the global economy may enter a new cycle of low growth, low inflation, low interest rates, which is likely to be a long period of stagnation. If so, sluggish exports will become a long-term state, rely on external demand expansion to the revitalization of the northeast economic ideas have been unrealistic. Of course, in the case of sluggish exports can expand domestic demand. In fact, in a series of policies to expand domestic demand and maintain growth, after 2010, China needs to expand, the northeast economic growth mainly depends on domestic demand. However, in the new normal economy under the current domestic demand, expanding the space is limited, if the implementation of large-scale stimulus policies regardless of the reality needs, not only the effect will be greatly reduced, but also cause distortions in the economic structure, overcapacity exacerbated by the high rate of corporate debt. In that case, overcapacity and high corporate debt overlay, will become an unbearable weight of the Northeast economy. Visible, the northeast economy has come to a new historical juncture, in the past, the number of expansion mode of growth has come to an end, we must speed up structural adjustment, to the quality and efficiency of growth mode transformation. In April this year issued the "CPC Central Committee and State Council on the comprehensive revitalization of the northeast old industrial base of a number of opinions" requirements, by 2020, Northeast China has made significant achievements in key areas and key links of reform, change the mode of economic development and structural reform made great progress. Visible, this round of the revitalization of the northeast and the idea of the last round is not exactly the same. If the last round of the revitalization of Northeast China is mainly to solve the problem of the northeast economy, the main means is required相关的主题文章: