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The Ministry of Civil Affairs: the minimum target and participatory household is deputy director general Jiang Wei of the dynamic management of new network new network in October 25, non – once and for all in the Ministry of Civil Affairs said today that the division of social assistance, the State Council forwarded the "guidance" on effective convergence of rural minimum living security system and Poverty Alleviation Policies in the management of cohesion, puts forward relevant requirements: all objects and household filing riser is a dynamic management, not once and for all. The Ministry of Civil Affairs held a press conference today, the Ministry of civil affairs to implement the "State Council on further improve the poor relief personnel support system", "on the rural minimum living security system and poverty alleviation policy to carry out effective convergence guidance" and other documents, and a reporter asked. Jiang Wei proposed that the guidance on the effective convergence of rural subsistence allowances system and poverty alleviation and development policy guidance from four specific tasks. First, the policy convergence. The policy convergence mainly embodies the spirit of administration according to law and how to keep the continuity of policy. I have just introduced, the rural subsistence allowances system has a certain development process, including poverty alleviation and development is the same. Therefore, how to ensure that the two systems can be scientific and sustainable development, there is a continuity of policy issues, but also for the specific staff there is a law of administrative requirements. First of all, it is necessary to strengthen the policy convergence, which is to reflect the continuity of the administration according to law. Here the two keywords, one is in line with the conditions, in line with the conditions of participatory rural residents object to be included in the scope of the filing riser, meet the minimum conditions at the same time to be built into the minimum conditions, these two systems should be mutual fusion. Second is the standard procedure, because these are the two years of the system, there are certain procedures, such as rural subsistence allowances system, despite the current stage in the history of poverty alleviation, to ensure the seriousness of the system. To prevent the economic situation of the family after verification, is incorporated into the low range, do you think you are qualified, we also have the relevant examination and approval procedures, this procedure is necessary, not to say that you have to type the filing riser is deemed to be the minimum target, it is not done, it must be emphasized two words, in line with the conditions and according to the rules of procedure. Second, strengthen the object cohesion. This is a key word is to improve the economic situation of the family verification mechanism. As we all know, the rural subsistence allowance system in 2012, Document No. 45, "the State Council on Further Strengthening and improving the minimum living security system", stressed that rural residents is a emphasis on household registration, including the application in the domicile. Second emphasis on family economic conditions, including family income and family property, emphasizing these three qualifications. In real practice, we often encounter such a situation, some families may earn more than the minimum standard, may not necessarily meet the standard property status, but inside his home as a disabled person, or a serious illness patients, then his rigid expenditure is very large, also affected him into the low, affected his basic life, but not to the subsistence into the inside. So we are in the actual work. Jiang Wei said that, in fact, this.相关的主题文章: