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Starting from Hangzhou – Finance – People’s footsteps in the history of the September 2016. Hangzhou, the mountain scenery of the ancient city of an earthly paradise, the humanities, the past few days open welcome guests. Landing with a plane, from all over the world leaders gather in here. The eleventh summit of the group of (G20) is about to begin. Accounted for 23 of the world’s population, nearly 90% of the gross domestic product of the group of twenty, every move affects the global economic situation, affecting the world trend. This is the first time that China has served as president of the G20, and is the first time that President Xi Jinping hosted the G20 summit. China’s attention began two years ago, the world’s expectations in the past two years as China’s rising. November 2014, the Brisbane summit solemnly declared that the Eleventh G20 summit settled in china. Despite the fierce competition, but an Australian newspaper disclosed: China’s election is no suspense". In November 2015, the Antalya World Summit, President Xi Jinping described the Hangzhou summit earnestly listen to the idea: "common to the group of twenty maintenance and construction, the development of good" and "believe the 2016 summit will give you presents a historical and realistic point of the unique flavor". Born in the critical moment of the international financial crisis, the G20 summit mechanism, today went to the ninth year. A road of trials and hardships, environment and development of climate change, new challenges appear. The world economic recovery is still highly vulnerable, lack of growth momentum, the urgent need to find new growth momentum. How will China, when it comes to G20, change the governance of global economic governance? When G20 met China, how to promote blood circulation to the world economy to live? Global economic governance under the board of China’s concept of China, China, China’s confidence, so that the world’s attention. One of the BRIC countries, G20 three carriages, one of the world’s second largest economy, the world economy stabilizer…… China’s outstanding economic transition transcripts, so that the world is eager to use the Chinese key to open a new way forward in the world economy. G20 Hangzhou time is about to open, the world economy will start again from here. The future can be expected, the future worth looking forward to. Chinese philosophy, wisdom and play to lead the development of the Hangzhou summit is truly an opportunity for the rebirth of international cooperation." Known as the father of G20, former Canadian Prime Minister Paul, who once gave the judgment of the. Similar voices growing in the field of international public opinion. A few months ago, the U.S. Foreign Relations Committee held a special seminar on China hosted the G20 summit, and reached a consensus: the Hangzhou summit is the right country to host a summit at the right time. Let look for a longer time, you can better understand the world’s perception of reason for the Hangzhou summit. President Xi Jinping combing the previous G20 summit speech, innovation, openness, tolerance and other key words, together outlined the main line of the Chinese initiative. "The global economic governance system must reflect the profound changes in the world economic structure", a historic turning point in the reform of the global governance system相关的主题文章: