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Human beings have established the first space state, the world’s first batch of people to recruit – Sohu technology welcome to Asgardia! On Wednesday October 12th, Paris, one composed of researchers, engineers, lawyers and entrepreneurs International Group announced in space to set up a national, and the Norway myth of Odin who rule the sky named. Although Asgardia does not have any land, but it has begun to recruit citizens. Anyone can apply to become a citizen of the country. At present, Asgardia is still in the online collection of national flag and national emblem and the national anthem. The first citizen limit of 100 thousand people, please click: http: citizenship DT Jun has been registered, is a citizen of the 22338th! Asgardia’s aerospace team of experts from all over the world, including Canada, Romania, Russia and the United states. According to the plan, they will be the first in 18 months in 2017 to launch a satellite to commemorate the human robot, the first man-made satellite (made in Russia) 60 anniversary of the ascension. Then they will build a permanent space station in space (about 100 thousand people). People will live, work and establish their own laws on the space station. According to Asgardia’s plan, they will be mining space and at the same time, the spread of democracy into space". In addition, the founders have an ultimate goal — to build a human the most advanced "Earth Shield", to protect all beings "on the ground" from "heaven" damage, including space debris, coronal mass ejections and asteroid collision. Asgardia permanent space station Asgardia imaginary map spokesman Timothy Wild has not announced the list of experts, but from a variety of existing materials, the following five people will be: Lgor Ashurbeyli Aerospace International Research Center — Russia (AIRC) founder of the United Nations, the United Nations Educational, scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) new chairman; Director David Alexander – Rice University Department of Aerospace; Ram Jakhu — Mcgill University Aerospace law director; Joseph N. Pelton – George Washington University of space and Advanced Communication Research Institute (SACRI) director Dumitru-Dorin Prunariu — Romania astronaut. Among them, the Russian businessman and scientist Lgor Ashurbeyli nano is the project leader, it is also a dazzling "star space" — in addition to the above duties, he also was established in Vienna in 2013 the International Aerospace Research Center (AIRC), and published the famous magazine "for space相关的主题文章: