Structural reforms were written in the G20 communique for the first time put forward quantitative in 月丘うさぎ

Structural reforms were written into the G20 communique first proposed quantitative index system of Xinhua News Agency figure structural reforms into the G20 communique quantitative index system first reporter Feng Yunqing in the group of twenty (G20) summit of the Hangzhou communique, structural reform and the supply side reform was officially written into the structure, quantitative system reform is put forward for the first time. The communique said, the concept of innovation and economic growth policy, fiscal and monetary policies and structural reforms are consistent with each other, economy, labor, employment and social policy, demand management and supply side reforms both short-term policy and long-term policy combination of economic and social development and environmental protection together. Since 2015 the central economic work conference, "the supply side structural reform" has become a high-frequency words China policy discourse system, the meeting proposed to production, to inventory, leverage, reduce costs, make up the short board five tasks, to promote structural adjustment by way of reform, reduce the invalid and low supply, and effectively expand in the high-end supply, strengthening the supply structure to the changing needs of adaptability and flexibility, improve the total factor productivity, make the supply system better adapt to changes in demand structure. At present, it seems that with the continued advance of the five tasks, the reform has achieved a phased results." Xu Hongcai, Minister of economic research, China International Economic and exchange center, said in an interview with the first financial daily interview, but because of the different resistance encountered in each task, the extent of the difference in the degree of advance. Data released by the National Bureau of statistics, the effect of capacity to highlight. Coal and steel, for example, this year, 1~7 months, 1 billion 900 million 800 thousand tons of raw coal production, down by 10.1%; the national crude steel output of 466 million 520 thousand tons, down by 0.5%. Southern China City Research Association Deputy Secretary General Wan Qingtao believes that structural reforms and supply side reforms are written to the G20 communique that the global economic crisis, countries in the world are faced with the problem of not only plagued China, "because of economic globalization, every country has become a part of the world economy, or a world economy on the chain. A country’s structural reforms and supply side reforms, especially China, the world’s second largest economy, will have a huge impact on the world economy. Therefore, all countries in the world especially the G20 countries need to look for the world economic situation, consciously follow the main national structural reforms and supply side reforms, in order to bring the positive influence to the national economy, to keep up with the pace of economic development in the world". Xu Hongcai said, the first time the structural reform referred to global level discussion, given the new connotation of coordination of macroeconomic policy coordination, macro economic policy we speak in the past is mainly short-term, but long-term structural reform is the role is not the same, it has injected new impetus for the sustainable development of economy". The communique also clearly will implement G20 "to deepen the structural reform agenda", also support the quantization framework consists of a set of index system, progress monitoring and assessment to help countries in terms of structural reforms, the efforts made and the challenges that the framework will gradually optimize. "Deepening the structural theory相关的主题文章: