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China first will live boutique released by Michelin, B & B Guide – Sohu tourism Abstract: since the creation of more than a year, because there are many guest state laboratory, critical sleep tester, a clear and stringent screening criteria, and worth a special journey will live in B & B, by the media called "B & B version of Michelin". Even with Michelin guide to Shanghai launched two days apart, after a year of preparation, state off conference held at the the Peace Hotel in Shanghai Art Center in September 23rd, officially launched China will live boutique B & B guide. Asia 9 years after the entry of Michelin, Michelin, China first "guide to Shanghai" was finally released, the news that the increasingly discerning Chinese excited, also let many people Tucao "a group of people Western-style food evaluation cannot understand Chinese? But there is no doubt that Michelin entry will make us pay more attention to spend time to experience life. How to waste time poetically? Guest pays tribute to the state pension Laboratory of Michelin guide but also a completely different user perspective: natural, completely by the rare sleep tester will jointly participate in the definition of live Boutique Hostel guide. The evening of September 23rd, Shanghai the Bund evening, B & B laboratory held a state guest "friends" in the Swatch the Peace Hotel Art Center, invited from science and technology, design, art, media, luxury goods, hotel and catering, hostel capital, government and other community leaders of more than 100 people together to discuss and share 100 possible poetic waste of time. How poetic waste of time. Custom custom "rice bed", will be moved to the village of Shanghai, Zhejiang Province, Swatch the Peace Hotel Art Center, the Bund. People in a busy city to sleep in the paddy field to insects called songbirds. · Creative Industries Alliance Asia Chairman Budiman left the baby sleeping state guest exclusive bed photo". · platinum Nobel financial co-founder Wu Zhuohao (left) and Tsinghua Academy of fine arts professor Ma Quan (right). Ma Quan teacher is very supportive of the concept of poetry advocated by the waste of time, to be able to change the rhythm of life in the parallel space to enjoy time. Wu Zhuohao admitted that he needs to allow customers to regain their own energy from the quiet. · Tonglu County People’s government deputy magistrate Wu Jinfu, the original county sleeping so cute. Rice bed behind the golden rice is from Tonglu. · · · love to drive the media founder Li Keqi sign lying on the state guest rice bed. · deputy director of Deqing Tourism Committee Yang Guoliang and try to sleep state guest master poster photo. Deqing there are Mogan Mountain scenic spot, in recent years because of its beautiful natural environment gave birth to many famous boutique hostel. · founder Xu Wei; hot fitness special attention state will live off site boutique homestay guidelines issued, state guest hot sleep tester recruitment project is about to start. State guest Shanghai female friends: "don’t worry about a bed fly" marketing division director Zhou Yue (left) and nine Mu Chuan Sheng Senior Account Manager Song Dan (right) as well as to the party’s "Haibao" the father of Shao Longtu, a secretary of the amoeba capital相关的主题文章: