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IPhone is going to have no electricity? A few simple set for its rapid continued life – Sohu technology go out in the outside, suddenly found the mobile phone only 20% less power, at this time and not bring mobile charge… Sure everyone is anxious, the force in the brow of potential, can not watch the only electricity flows away quietly, of course emergency measures or some, teach you a few steps, let your mobile phone can fly again for a while. Open the low power mode to set the battery, the low power mode to open, then the system will stop the background refresh, disable mail collection, etc., effectively reduce power consumption. Open the weakened dynamic effect the feature can weaken the page animation over effect, so as to reduce the amount of computation of CPU to achieve the energy saving effect, if you iPhone Carlton, open the function will also improve the running speed of the mobile phone, through the "Settings – General – auxiliary function weakens the dynamic effects of setting. Will the brightness down, turn off the automatic brightness adjustment that needless to say, mobile phone running out of power to remember the brightness to the minimum is, of course, if you have a mind, the best in the settings page to automatically adjust the brightness is also closed, after all, after opening the light sensor will work (electricity), also may be the screen your high brightness. Close WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, traffic data not only do this step operation to mobile phone battery, the unnecessary switch also can effectively improve the battery life on weekdays, like Bluetooth, WiFi if this is used in the outdoors not closed. When the signal is poor please open the flight mode mobile phone fast no electricity please notice the phone card your signal strength, if dissatisfied with the case, the best first mobile phone set to flight mode, because the mobile phone signal is not good, will increase the power of mobile phone signal receiving system, thus greatly increased power consumption, some hand machine power consumption fast is likely because of a bad signal caused by traffic the same data instability will also increase power consumption. Empty the background APP too much power, if you feel by double clicking the Home one by one to clear the background APP efficiency is relatively slow, there is a clear background method is fast, press the lock button out after shutdown interface, press Home, the system will be quick clear memory, reduce unnecessary power consumption operation. Disable APP power providers to set – battery management interface to see what the next day is the most power hungry applications, if your phone is not fast, then you should reduce the frequency of use of these APP. On weekdays, the use of these settings can also improve the phone’s endurance to some extent, but it will also have an impact on the mobile phone operating experience. Said so much, in fact, when the phone is not fast, how to save electricity, the most simple and effective way is not to use the phone, it is best to turn off the phone will be able to significantly improve the phone life……相关的主题文章: