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Foreign media: China to foreigners "grading" cited concerns – China to foreigners " hierarchical " cited concern: to the poor areas can add points? Editor in chief: Yang Ningyu’s core tip: the uncertainty of the grading standards will make people living in unknown circumstances change the idea of life. The teacher asked: "if I get a master’s degree or go to poorer provinces, whether can improve my score?" Reference News Network November 7 news media said, from the beginning of October, many foreigners living in China will be divided into A, B, C three grades. Level a foreigners need not worry, they are the authorities want to attract and stay. B level is not a problem, but their number will be controlled. As for the C class…… It is not known exactly what will happen to them, but they will be strictly restricted to entry and work. According to the Spanish national newspaper website reported on November 1st, the new rating system is designed to simplify the process of foreigners working in China, designed to create a more innovative economy. According to the Ministry of human resources and social security China pointed out that a foreigner refers to the creative ability of the excellent young talents, B refers to the short term can fill the gap, especially the field management and technology gap of foreign talent, and C refers to the temporary, seasonal, or non technical service work foreign workers. Ministry of human resources and social department has not yet given a specific case which will enter the level of which people, but also did not specify what measures will be taken to strictly limit the level of foreigners C. The report says, how can a foreigner know how he will be divided? According to the new guidelines revealed a small part of the information, the classification will be based on a score from 0 to 100 scoring system. The system will be based on 6 indicators scoring, these 6 indicators are wages, education level, working years in China, Chinese level, age and residence. Get more than 85 points belong to a class, from 60 to 85 of the genus B, below the level of the genus C. It is not known whether these indicators will occupy the same proportion, the allocation of the score has not been announced. But it can be thought that wages, the level of Chinese language, the higher the level of education, the longer the working life of foreigners in China, the more likely to be classified in class A. Living in less developed areas will also bring more scores than living in big cities. In terms of age, very young or very old can be a disadvantage. Reported that, however, due to the lack of more specific news, which is only a few foreigners in China to do the community guess, some foreigners have begun to worry about this. A foreign English teacher in Beijing, said: "I hope to be divided into grade B, or renew the visa probably will be a hell of a process." The advantage of the teacher is the Chinese level and working years in China, but he is worried about wages, living in the capital, the level of education and other factors may be detrimental to him. Reported that the level of uncertainty in the standard will make people living in unknown circumstances change the idea of life. The teacher asked: "if I obtain a master)相关的主题文章: