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The women’s wages card overdraft 30 yuan payment over a million bank said the apology 30 – Beijing credit card payment card do salary over a million units do pay card actually is a credit card, 8 years ago to nearly 30 yuan, now has over 10000 fines. 16, 2009, the Yangtze Evening news came to work in Suzhou, Ms. Yang suffered the trouble was reported. The report appeared, caused widespread concern in the community. Yesterday evening party, Ms. Yang to contact and inform the Yangzi Evening News reporter, someone’s Bank has contacted her, said it caused her trouble very sorry, apply to the leadership of the relief report has been approved by her, only 29.98 yuan can now repayment. Yangzi Evening news media reporter Xue Mayi the latest progress of bank apologized, only repayment 29.98 yuan for 16 days, the Yangtze Evening News of Ms. Yang encountered the "troubles" report, immediately aroused widespread concern in the. Many netizens have said that they have encountered similar events. Yang told the Yangtze Evening News reporter, in fact, the matter has been nearly 2 months, during which she had repeatedly to communicate with the bank, the bank hopes to be able to investigate the facts clearly, but also her a clean". But many times no fruit, the bank insisted that she pay off as soon as possible, arrears, or the police, or on the court to sue her. For the latest comments on the current banking sector, Ms. Yang said they can accept, and thanked the Yangzi Evening news. Today, the Wujiang branch of Shengze has made contact with me, the other side is sincere, so I apologize for the trouble, we communicate and negotiate, as long as the repayment of 29.98 yuan on it." Yang told the Yangtze Evening News reporter, according to her later investigation to understand that her salary card was originally held by the company in Wujiang, Shengze East branch to open an account. When the specific card, she did not understand the public security report received a warning letter, she also went to the Shengze, no investigation understands what the situation, because the company’s original work, has been in the last year close. I just listen to others said that when the bank clerk to do this card, there will be about 100 yuan per share bonus. But I don’t know if it’s true." Yang told the Yangtze Evening News reporter, after she learned that this situation, a lot of contact with the workers, went to the bank for cancellation procedures. In a worker’s salary card provided by Ms. Yang, the reporter saw that the wage card, and there is no obvious label credit card or logo. Industry experts pay card credit card when the number of units are according to a bank insider to the Yangtze Evening News reporter, although many people in consciousness, pay card is a debit card. But in fact, there are indeed a number of employees do wage card, credit card. In order to seize the market, stimulate consumption, or some other purpose, before a lot of banks are indeed in the strong sales of their own credit cards, and even to the business indicators." For this reason, many of the bank’s staff will target the employer, and the employer agreed to work, such as party and government organs, institutions, colleges and Universities相关的主题文章: