The 37 year old mother had 10.2 pound baby doctors have said nutrition headache怎么读�

The 37 year old mother had 10.2 pound baby doctors have said nutrition Zhejiang online news November 6th a few days ago, this newspaper published a report: Pinghu Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, a 37 year old mother gave birth to a 10.2 pound baby, the past two years to break the birth records, the hospital is also the baby, fourth pounds more than 10 the children’s Hospital for two years. Wang Liquan, director of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of medicine to see the news, told reporters with the money, the problem of maternal and fetal macrosomia. He would like to remind one, macrosomia has a great relationship with the mother nutrition, after the two child policy liberalization, advanced maternal age, increased risk of pregnancy after hypertension, diabetes will also be higher, so the food, should pay more attention to. Recently, Zhejiang two obstetrics has just opened an academic forum, doctors at home and abroad to discuss these issues in the hope that expectant mothers to control weight, reduce these risks. "Some patients say I am fierce, because I am very strict weight control requirements." Dr. Wang said, there are a few pregnant women, always bad weight control, he was anxious, fierce up, he said that there are crying. Gestational diabetes complications are most afraid of good glycemic control and weight is very important for gestational diabetes, miscarriage, premature birth, dystocia, fetal malformation, fetal macrosomia ratio were significantly higher than that of pregnant women without diabetes." Dr. Wang said that the most important issue of gestational diabetes complications, the baby is too big. Moreover, the baby size is a characteristic: the head size, but the shoulder wide, the stomach is relatively large, the doctor called "heart to obesity", this figure, when students prone to shoulder dystocia, fetal head is out, the shoulder could not come out, as a result, the risk of production increased by experienced midwives and doctors in time, it may bring damage to a minimum, but my mother suffered more, was born to lie back, finally may lay students to be born. So toss, the baby will inevitably have birth injury. More common, such as clavicle fracture, brachial plexus injury, severe asphyxia, cerebral palsy, etc.. Some mothers, although the final I was born, but the birth canal injury is serious, and prone to infection, postpartum recovery…… There are so many problems, the doctor can not nervous? There’s another reason to be nervous. In 2013, WHO updated the requirements for blood glucose in pregnant women, the new standards more stringent. Fasting blood glucose decreased from 5.8mol L to 5.1mol L; one hour postprandial blood glucose, from 10.6mol L to 10.0mol L; two hours postprandial blood glucose, from 9.2mol L to 8.5mol L, which has a value exceeding the standard is abnormal. As a result, was assigned to the following line of pregnant women, greatly increased. "According to the original standard, about 3%~5% of pregnant women with gestational diabetes mellitus; according to the new standard, to 10%~15%, or even higher." Wang said that the reason why the organization to amend the standard, it is a very important intention is to hope that as soon as possible.相关的主题文章: