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"Grand track" Aarif Lee studio and Guo Jingming sign the neon – Sohu entertainment movie "grand track" Aarif Lee ready version of the poster Aarif Lee Click to enter [neon HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news recently, directed by Guo Jingming, the film will be released in September 30th a comprehensive "grand track" released on video reality show. In the film plays the neon corner of Aarif Lee eye-catching. He revealed to the part, even in the studio with director Guo Jingming used his own sign language. In addition to the movie "grand track", by Aarif Lee and Jackie Chan movie "Kung Fu yoga", and directed by Yuen Wo Ping Tsui Hark, producer of the film "Qi Men Dun Jia" has shot. Aarif Lee interpretation of "the power" play "grand track" in the "language" of the role of Aarif Lee in the film "grand track" plays "with animal instincts and utter innocence" four apostles neon in a corner of his being "in all aspects of speed, strength, rebirth, soul force, matrix method, element etc. the strength is on show in the" reach the peak of perfection is needed, he broke into a primitive full force "". Talking about the "neon no pain, no fear, no mercy" role, Aarif Lee joked: "I am with maximum contrast, is my old love is not to speak, neon!" Exposes the studio happy: for the part, he was in the studio director Guo Jingming and even rely on own sign language. While in the studio show, also released Aarif Lee after Italy accent and staff exchanges, as well as with the Wu Yifan group CP comedy staged "Titanic" fragments ", let Curve Wrecker God" a second incarnation funny play. The role of contrast stimulate strength acting actor Aarif Lee has been looking forward to it in the film "grand track", the actor to full dressed in motion capture clothing and helmet performance, almost no real shooting, all performances must rely on their own imagination to complete. This special way of shooting also let Aarif Lee incarnation curious baby: "what is this thing, that is what things, that flash is what?" He was almost in the field of pet phrase. The reason, Aarif Lee said: I think it is very exciting, as if we do not do a previous work, many people do not dare to do. I think this is great. I want to participate." Directed by Guo Jingming film "grand track" will be released in September 30th.相关的主题文章: