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The new Xi’an botanical garden park opened soon 4000 kinds of unique plant beautiful western network (Shaanxi radio and television news "" the first reporter Dong Bing Cui Long) eleven golden week has entered the countdown, these two days have a lot of friends in the busy holiday travel raiders. In fact, in the vicinity of Xi’an, there are many places worth visiting. From today, our reporters every day will help you discover a fun attractions. Today, followed by a reporter to go to Xi’an to see the new botanical garden. Reporter: "more than and 600 acres of land area, 11 different kind of garden, with more than 4000 kinds of characteristics of plants, 4 times the equivalent of the old new botanical garden botanical garden, the park is so big in the end where to go on? Today we will follow our staff to take the sightseeing car, take you to stroll around the "400 kinds of aquatic plants in the park in a water garden where the new botanical garden, clear water, against the blooming Canna, make the park more beautiful. However, in this area, most of our attention is of course "in the big sister victoria. Shaanxi Province, Xi’an botanical garden planning publicity Center staff Han Xiaochun: "we the Wang Lianhua has such characteristics, its flowering period is very short, only three days, the first day of the Wang Lianta is white, the flowers smell sweet; second days it’s pink, fragrance is dispersed; till the third day it closed up. And then sink to the bottom, so that it is the end of the season." Reporter: This is the rock garden it?" Han Xiaochun: Yes, we are now coming to the 11 characteristics of the special garden, a special feature of the park called Huashan rock garden." Reporter: "why is this name?" Han Xiaochun: "because we all this other it is a replica of the Huashan Xifeng, a miniature landscape construction. We also planted some vegetation on our rock." Reporter: let everyone see the scenery of Huashan, Xifeng." Han Xiaochun: "right, let everyone think, like to Huashan." Reporter: "this park has the feeling of this fairy tale world, right?" Han Xiaochun: "yes, this is a kind of garden’s 11 characteristics of a children’s garden, then we the park is mainly according to some characteristics of children, to explore and discover the characteristics of his adventures to build a park. There is a sense of smell garden, visual Park, as well as the touch garden, let the child through the color aroma, there are some interesting figures with a number of plants, let him find out." Reporter: "of course, in addition to these, there are silk output and imported plants as the clue of the Silk Road Park, there are hundreds of kinds of flowers in the garden Bai Hui new botanical garden. But now, the botanical garden still do finishing work stress, at the age of eleven will be opened in this test, we can together look forward to the new botanical garden park opened."相关的主题文章: