3 million 500 thousand kilometers to verify the quality of Wei Wang m50f deliver the goods 9c8950

3 million 500 thousand kilometers to verify the quality of Wei Wang as a quality inspection M50F deliver the goods, we are not to be seen by critics. Quality is the basis of brand trust enterprises, is the cornerstone of the new product, so we must be strict in demands — Beiqi Zhuzhou factory quality control department minister Lu Fuhai. The sale of 67 thousand and 800 yuan from the continuation of quality reputation as a quality factory in Zhuzhou factory Beiqi group, has hit 306 cars Weiwang million kilometers without an overhaul record. Today, Beiqi Wei Wang’s latest flagship MPV M50F in October 10th – Wei Wang, a factory in Zhuzhou official line, the pre-sale price of 67 thousand and 800 yuan,. Winwon M50F located in the all-around high-end MPV, including "high Yan value, high-tech, high performance, high configuration", four high advantage. From the car just released 67 thousand and 800 yuan from the sale price of view, M50F also has a very high price Wei wang. Now the only question is, the transformation of the economic type passenger car market could continue Beiqi Wei Wang, Wei Wang had 306 quality reputation in Weiwang M50F? From the user point of view the most mature models to control the quality of inspection is not empty talk, to have a rich experience as a support. It is understood that from the earliest Wei Wang 306 to now, the Zhuzhou factory has been offline 8 products, the cumulative terminal sales of nearly 700 thousand units. While M50F Wei Wang is to learn from the experience of all pre order products, is the most mature car factory in Zhuzhou. Lu Fuhai said from the beginning of Weiwang M50F initiation, we set a strict standard, high starting point, "to the user view of practical evaluation of our products is not in line with market demand. "Just the durability of the vehicle, we did 10 months, up to 3 million 500 thousand km of reliability experiments, is to verify the largest number of miles of a product. In the final audit, including Xu Heyi, including many of the judges, the quality of the vehicle is very recognized. "Lu Lu recalls the road. Enjoy the high-end external heavy show as a high-end MPV, high quality M50F Wei Wang embodied in the first appearance. Usually in addition to paint and metal effect, most can reflect the body mass, body gap size and uniformity. Wei Wang M50F in the quality control process, to prevent the emergence of once production problems in advance, to ensure the gap between poor pass rate of over 97%. Has exceeded the standard number of first-line manufacturers. In addition, M50F is equipped with many Weiwang first use of high-tech configuration, one of the most stringent requirements of quality control, 9 Inch Touch screen is suspended and 12 inch LCD instrument. The full range of research on market demand and user habits based on M50F set the tachograph image in 9 inch TFT screen display on the new suspension system, to achieve a more humanized function of direct manipulation of car air conditioning on the screen set. It is for the convenience of the user operation to M50F from the Wei Wang display effect, the touch sensitivity, and interface switching speed of three direction suspension screen a strict quality control. 12 inch LCD digital instrument is the same, because Wei Wang M50.相关的主题文章: