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2022 Winter Olympic Games emblem and the winter Paralympic Games emblem to receive submissions – Sohu news November 20th is the emblem of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Games emblem design for the first day of submission. Relevant staff arrived in the emblem design 11 storey Beijing Gehua building collection office waiting for submission to designers.   although the temperature in the early morning of Beijing is close to zero, still can not stop the enthusiasm of everyone to submit the draft. 9 minutes from the official submission of the emblem to start the time there are still half an hour, there are designers with works waiting for submission.   just over 9 points, from Tsinghua Academy of fine arts, Central Academy of fine arts, College of art design professional designers with their work in the collection office. They have gone through more than a hundred days of ideas, scrutiny, the design changed a number of times, the first day in the solicitation of the emblem of the submission of their own more satisfied with the work.  , however, do not think that the design of the emblem is just a professional thing, followed by three classes from the Jingshan Hill school students in the class under the leadership of teachers and parents, came to the office of the emblem of the collection of. The children’s faces were filled with joy. They used the pure innocence in the teacher’s guidance, will be on the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Winter dream and hope the expression in his works. In July 31st this year, the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing to commemorate the first anniversary of the success of the application of the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, the world’s official bid for the Winter Olympics in 2022 and the emblem of the emblem of the Paralympic Games design. The news came from a wide range of people at home and abroad, professional design agencies. Beijing Winter Olympic Games Organizing Committee official micro-blog opened the Beijing Winter Olympic Games emblem design collection topic, at present, the relevant micro-blog read more than 6 million 628 thousand, the social repercussions. Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee in late September this year during the opening of the Beijing international design week, held the "2022 Beijing Design Forum", invite global professional design agencies and designers of the emblem and image of landscape design is discussed. International Olympic Committee is responsible for the brand and the image of the landscape officials and the Athens Olympic Games, the Beijing Olympic Games, the Rio Olympics, the Pingchang Winter Olympic Games image landscape attended the forum. Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee Special introduced the Beijing Winter Olympics and the winter Paralympic Games preparation requirements and logo design, invite more high-level professionals to participate in the design collection activities, ensure the professional level of logo design collection works. In addition, the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee Propaganda Department also made a special trip to Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Quanzhou and other places, for the design of colleges and universities design professional teachers and students around the association of Hong Kong Macao and Taiwan, to carry out the logo launch work. The emblem of the work will be held at 30 am, 16 am. Submission of relevant technical documents can be downloaded from the official website of Beijing Olympic Games Organizing Committee (). According to the plan, the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee will begin in December to apply for the program review, and is expected to be released in the second half of 2017 Beijing Olympic Games emblem and Paralympic Games emblem.相关的主题文章: