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20 points reverse! Magic overtime wins White Eagles 28+13 Payton 20 points – Sohu sports   Beijing time on February 9th, 2015-16 season NBA regular season continues, Eagle home against magic. Magic kick the audience, in the first quarter was 20 points behind, the overtime battle, 117-110 win over Atlanta, and usher in a 2 game winning streak, and eagles suffered 2 defeats. Full court scores: 18-30, 23-24, 31-29, 29-18, extra time 16-9 (magic before). Magic, Wu Raicevic get 28 points and 13 rebounds, 6 assists, 9 points and 8 assists, oladi wave Payton 20 points and 7 assists, Aaron – Gordon Fournier, 16 points, 12 points and 10 rebounds. The eagle side, Millsap 22 points and 13 rebounds, 6 assists and 4 steals, Horford 27 points, 16 points, 21 points by Teague, Baez Moore 5 points and 13 rebounds and 4 assists. The first festival opened, the eagle quickly took advantage, a wave of attack climax, playing magic breath. There are 3 minutes and 50 seconds left in this game, Schroder layup, the hawks at the most time has been led by more than 20 points. In the first half of the first half, the Hawks also firmly suppressed opponents, half after playing, hawks 54-41 lead temporarily. But after the easy side, a cut in Wuhan’s a sudden change in the situation, under the leadership of the visiting team launched frenzied counterattack. The distal left 2 minutes 50 seconds, with little Payton free throws, the magic will not only behind the pit filled, also 97-96 with the Eagle 1 points! Next, the eagle will wake up, with MilIsap Zo foul two free throws, the two teams tied into overtime. In overtime, the momentum of the game has been completely reversed. In the Vu Che Vecchi free throw, magic 110-104 leads 6 points. Millsap, Kyle Korver three consecutive hits, the eagle is still hope to win. But the key moment, Fournier three net, oladipo shot, completely helped the magic win. Finally, the magic in the first quarter was 20 points behind, the overtime battle, 117-110 win over atlanta. Magic lineup: Aaron Fournier, Gordon, Wu Raicevic, oladipo, small Payton Eagles starting lineup: Baez Moore, Millsap, Huo Fude, Kyle Korver, Teague (Poirot) 20分逆转!魔术加时胜老鹰 白魔兽28+13佩顿20分-搜狐体育     北京时间2月9日,2015-16赛季NBA常规赛继续进行,老鹰坐镇主场迎战魔术。全场打完,魔术在首节一度落后20分的情况下,通过加时苦战,117-110战胜老鹰,并迎来2连胜,而老鹰则遭遇2连败。   全场具体比分:18-30、23-24、31-29、29-18、加时赛16-9(魔术在前)。   魔术这边,武切维奇得到28分13篮板6助攻、奥拉迪波9分8助攻、小佩顿20分7助攻、福尼尔16分、阿隆-戈登12分10篮板。   老鹰这边,米尔萨普22分13篮板6助攻4抢断、霍福德27分、科沃尔16分、蒂格21分,贝兹莫尔5分13篮板4助攻。   首节开打,老鹰迅速占据优势,一波接一波的进攻高潮,打的魔术喘不过气来。本节还剩3分50秒,施罗德上篮得手,老鹰最多的时候已领先了20分之多。上半场接下来的时间里,老鹰也始终牢牢压制住对手,半场打完,老鹰54-41暂时领先。   但易边后,场上风云突变,在武切维奇的带领下,客队展开疯狂反扑。末节还剩2分50秒,随着小佩顿罚球命中,魔术不但将落后的大坑填平,还以97-96反超了老鹰1分!接下来,老鹰众将如梦方醒,凭借米尔萨普造犯规两罚一中,两队打平进入加时赛。   加时赛中,比赛势头已完全被反转,武切维奇罚球连中,魔术110-104领先了6分。米尔萨普、科沃尔连续三分命中,老鹰仍有赢球的希望。但关键时刻,福尼尔三分入网,奥拉迪波罚球也中,彻底帮魔术锁定胜局。最终,魔术在首节一度落后20分的情况下,通过加时苦战,117-110战胜老鹰。   魔术首发阵容:福尼尔、阿隆-戈登、武切维奇、奥拉迪波、小佩顿   老鹰首发阵容:贝兹莫尔、米尔萨普、霍福德、科沃尔、蒂格   (波洛)相关的主题文章: