2 teachers in class to chaos chaotic makeup was removed from the school principal was suspended ca1816

2 teachers in class to chaos chaotic makeup was removed from the school principal was suspended from the original title: Lianyungang 2 teachers were removed from the original class to chaos chaos remedial school joint accountability principal was suspended in Nanjing on 7 November, (reporter Cui Jiaming) 7, reporters from Lianyungang Ganyu District Education Bureau, the District 2 primary school teachers because of chaos, chaos remedial class were removed from the original school, the school principal and grade director joint accountability, was suspended inspection. The Ganyu Department of Education said that the masses of Qingkou center primary school teacher Liu Mouman, Wang Jiang chaos chaos remedial class, by the District Education Bureau to investigate and verify the governance paid tutor investigation group, the masses reflects the true situation. The investigation: Liu Mouman, two (10) class of Chinese teachers, teacher; Wang Jiang, two (10) class math teacher. Two teachers since the beginning of September 13, 2016, 13 students in the classes, the use of a week from Tuesday to Friday afternoon after school hours and on Saturday morning, in the center of Qingkou East Primary School rented house class remedial activities. At the end of September, governance in the region to carry out special rectification activities paid tutor, two teachers stop makeup class. In November 1, 2016, two teachers to organize students make up classes, no fees to the survey in November 2nd. The school principal Lee, director of grade teacher class pairs Weimou makeup is not enough to check, inspection is not in place, failure to prevent remedial class behavior of teachers. In this regard, the Ganyu education department according to the "Ganyu District primary and secondary school teachers in class to chaos chaos remedial measures (Amendment)" (Jiangxi wordteaching 2012 No. 36) and other relevant provisions, make the following treatment on the Qingkou Central Primary School, Liu Mouman and Wang Moujiang: admonishing conversation center of Qingkou primary school leadership team members instructed the Qingkou Central Primary School; for President Lee, director of grade Weimou into suspended inspection, then cancel Pingxianpingyou qualifications, titles shall be promoted within a year; Liu Mouman and Wang Moujiang two teachers from the original school, a time when the annual assessment drop, deduct 2016 of the full annual award of merit pay, then cancel Pingyoupingxian qualification qualification shall be promoted to a during the year; and Liu Mouman, Wang Jiang, Li, Wei a criticized the education system in the region. At the same time, the Ganyu Department of education to schools strict requirements, strengthen management, all the teachers in the case as a warning, warning, lessons. In disregard of the provisions, luck, discipline violations to schools and individuals paid tutor and illegal class, once discovered, will be strictly and severely punished. (end) editor: Qu Kun SN117相关的主题文章: