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Have [color off]16 fire injury: two will be lifted to help Recife win the home court Wednesday 005          Pakistan;   Figue Ellen J VS Corinthians recommended: flat FireWire courier: Figue Ellen J on wheel away than 0 1 defeat Kearns chapais, 7 consecutive league greatly, behind the security zone 6 if you lose, the Vitoria win is likely to downgrade in advance. Figue Ellen J has 3 consecutive rounds failed to score, even home court also have 3 consecutive matches; defending champions Corinthians on wheel away than 0 4 defeat to Derby rivals St Paul League unbeaten 5 ended, still behind the Libertadores cup area 1 points. The team’s recent away record low, nearly 9 League 1 wins 2 flat 6 negative bad record, the last 4 away game lost the ball 2; nearly 10 times the two teams clash in all 4 wins is not high, but the recent 3 confrontation Figue Ellen J 1 flat 2 negative at a disadvantage. Interpretation: Figue Ellen J injury: goalkeeper Fernandes with Paraguay in the world cup, defender M Pedro cable red card suspension, midfielder Carlos Evans had an injury against a doubt. Corinthians: fullback Wendell and striker Guilherme joined the injury list, defender fagner, Valbuena and striker A Romero in the world cup has not yet returned, defender Wilson accumulated yellow card suspension, goalkeeper Walter injury harmless can return back, midfielder Danilo injured jagot. Interpretation: compensate: handicap: 2.62 3.15 2.62, the 2.82 3.05 2.52 3 2.55 2.75 3 2.45 INTERWETTEN:2.60, 2.62 3.25, 2.90 2.62 Ladbrokes: 3 2.50 disc: aocai: tied 0.90 0.92, tied 1.04 0.78 Jin Baobo: 0.92 – 1.06 0.86 1 tie tie Yi Shengbo: tied 1.05 0.85, 0.76 1.13 the transferee tie hemisphere Figue Ellen J to avoid relegation, the visiting team in the competition for the Copa Libertadores ended, the two teams have strong points from demand, the open deuce plate by injection of perfectly logical and reasonable. The compensate for the flat compensate and guest wins odds were down, especially to prevent the draw, the two teams are likely to end gas from each 1 points. On Wednesday, 006        Pakistan;     Recife sports recommended: let VS Cruzeiro negative FireWire courier: Recife sports on wheel away than 3 0 broken Gremio, the recent 4 round with 3 wins, 5 points from the relegation zone and open. Recife home court recently 4 home court 3 wins 1 flat 3 victory, the score is 1 to 0; the last round of 4 than the 2 Cruzeiro home court victory over Fruminen Jose, the end of the event in 3 matches, leading.相关的主题文章: