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The risk of the property market lies in the excessive exposure of the exposure of the Sina Fund: the letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The market risk is that excessive speculation Yang growth since the second half of 2015, in the interest rate downward and to promote the real estate inventory policy, in some areas of China’s real estate sales blowout phenomenon, real estate sales grew 25%, sales grew by more than 40%, part of a second tier city center city prices Rose 20% to 50%. Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen are among the ten most expensive cities in the world. King frequency out of the country. House prices continued to spread to the two or three line of the city, residents panic buying phenomenon more and more serious. With the same Chinese stock market, China’s real estate market is a trading and speculation over the market, each big city zero up to the real estate intermediary shop every day and overcrowded Real Estate Trading Center, fully reflects the real estate excessive trading status. Some of the new urban areas are nearly half of the real estate intermediary stores. The traffic hub and the subway exit, pedestrians and tourists were surrounded by a group of holding a sign of real estate brokers, was dubbed the "overseas tourists Chinese the wonders of the world". A market can be speculative and excessive transactions, we must be created for the speculative market conditions suitable for speculation. Responsibility does not lie in the speculative, but in the supply and demand of the market and the design of the trading system. We can not put China’s stock market and the real estate market over speculation is simply attributed to the country has a strong speculative endowments. A suitable speculative market generally has four conditions. First, the supply is limited or controlled at a certain stage. A market that can be supplied with unlimited demand is not speculative. The two is that speculators can use leverage, that is, the use of other people’s money to speculate. Three market transactions are active enough, speculators can exit in time. The four is speculative income can be basically realized, the return of all speculative. China’s stock market and the real estate market is excessive speculation, because we created these four conditions for speculation. China’s stock market to implement the issuance of audit system, issued by the regulatory authorities to control the rhythm. China’s real estate market, the supply of land by the government at all levels, the pace of land supply does not depend on the market. China’s stock market and the real estate market can use leverage, the real estate market leverage ratio is much higher than the stock market. This year 1 ~ August residential sales amount of 1.5 trillion yuan, residents of housing loans increased nearly 3 trillion yuan this year, which shows the residents buy leverage rate of more than 60%. China’s stock market and real estate market are serious over two, are the world’s most frequent trading market, evolved into a market as if the level of service for the two market, the market is completely reversed. China’s capital gains tax on equity investment income tax on the secondary housing transactions have to levy 20% income tax. However, due to different policies around, some areas can be exempted. Even if the tax area, intermediaries can also do low prices, contract payments, etc.相关的主题文章:

Last year, 25 thousand sites were malicious tampering with the core security technology should accel-caxa实体设计

Our last 25 thousand site is malicious tampering core security technology should accelerate the localization of the Xinhua News Agency Beijing August 30th news (Bai Ying, Xu Zhou) last year, nearly 5000 IP address, about 25 thousand theft Trojan infection site is malicious tampering…… In recent years, network attacks and information security incidents, depth analysis of the use of big data to conduct and content, detect and prevent new security threats, the localization of core technology security has become the domestic industry consensus. From the national Internet Emergency Center of Internet of our country macroscopical safety monitoring data show that in 2015 China has been tampered with nearly 25 thousand websites, there are 898 government websites, lost leaks and safety risk, how to protect the confidential and intelligent management and massive critical data within the enterprise has become a pressing matter of the moment. Traditional security protection technology is based on the rule of protection, and the latest network attacks can be mastered by the technical rules to bypass the protection technology. With the big data, in-depth analysis of the content of practical technology, big data security analysis (BDSA) and unified content security (UCS) and the product has become an important means to solve network threats." Beijing sky Guardian network Safe Technology Ltd CEO Liu Lin said in Beijing the day before. In fact, with the advent of mobile Internet, cloud services, network boundaries can not be determined, the traditional security ideas can not be more comprehensive protection of personal, corporate, government information security. Traditional information security measures difficult to cope with the challenges of information security in the era of big data, big data era should strengthen the protection of information security." Shen Changxiang China academician believes that because the information security involves national security, international top security vendors in the core technology of domestic technology blockade, especially in this Chinese need information security technology breakthrough. For enterprises, we should start from two aspects to avoid possible security problems: first, to strengthen the safety awareness of enterprises, the two is to provide security protection through security companies." Qihoo 360 President Qi Xiangdong said. According to Liu Lin, the field of information security technology has been monopolized by foreign manufacturers, and the sky guards launched Gigabit data content security technology based on leakage protection (DLP) data leakage protection products and pure cloud architecture solutions designed to break the monopoly, so that the core security technology in the hands of our own hands. Insiders said that this technology is based on deep content analysis, solution identification, monitoring and protection of static, transmission and use of data, to ensure that the core data can not lose, to individuals, enterprises and government, bank and other information protection purposes, in order to prevent the safe operation of information risk, should be accelerated to promote more core security technology localization.相关的主题文章:

Part of the listed banks intermediate business income is a digit growth clearing business retreat-t6570

Part of the listed banks intermediate business income is a digit growth fund clearing business retreat Sina exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The intermediary business of listed banks have released in 2016 reported the differentiation – reporter Mao Yuzhou intermediate business income in recent years, the bank net profit growth to return a digit in the once thriving, small and medium-sized banks at 40% growth rate in spite of the listed bank, overall have maintained double-digit growth. However, with the price adjustment and is part of the business of third party payment companies and other financial industry at a listed bank intermediary business revenue growth in the first half of this year is also more difficult, even some listed banks there has been a double-digit growth, while clearing business retreat seems also indicates that the intermediate business days of the year and not too easy. Part of the bank’s current single digit growth from the banking sector in the 2016 interim report, the bank’s intermediary business revenue growth polarization, some banks have begun to slow down. In the published report of the A-share listed banks, CITIC Bank, China Merchants Bank, A still maintained a rapid growth rate of intermediate business. CITIC Bank data show that during the reporting period, net fee and commission income of 21 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of $4 billion 220 million, an increase of 24.14%. Fee and commission income 22 billion 757 million yuan, an increase of 23.90%. Mainly due to bank card fees, financial services fees, agency fees and other items of rapid growth. In the specific category, bank card fees increased by 44.85%, an increase of 29.09% financial services fee, commission Fei Zengfu 93.14%, hosting and other fiduciary commissions increased by 25.96%, which is four business growth makes the intermediate business to keep the growth rate of 24%. China Merchants Bank first half net fee and commission income was 37 billion 779 million yuan, an increase of 22.87%, growth is mainly from the trust and fiduciary Services Commission and different growth, CITIC Bank, China Merchants Bank fee project development are average. CITIC construction investment analyst Yang Rong pointed out that China Merchants Bank profit structure tends to improve, the emerging high growth in intermediary business revenue. Specifically, the first half of 2016 the trust and fiduciary Services Commission 15 billion 991 million yuan, an increase of 51.51%, mainly the rapid growth of the financial and other wealth management business income, the financial income of 9 billion 908 million yuan, an increase of 5 billion 38 million yuan. The report has been disclosed in banks, intermediate business the most obvious change is the Agricultural Bank, the net fee and commission income decreased from the year 2015 to the first half of this year, growth has been positive. Agricultural Bank data show that in the first half net fee and commission income of 51 billion 108 million yuan, an increase of $3 billion 465 million, an increase of 7.3%. Fee and commission income accounted for 19.63% of the proportion of operating income相关的主题文章:

Xiamen Engineering shares the typhoon caused great loss to production and management company-coinwatch

Xiamen Engineering shares: the production and operation of the company to the typhoon caused great loss of capital flows in thousands of thousands of hot columns on stock diagnosis the latest rating simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you earn take can make you the reporter Qi Dou falls by the super typhoon "Meranti" effect, by influence of several listed companies in Fujian, Zhejiang production and operation. Xiamen Engineering shares announcement today, the fourteenth typhoon this year, Meranti "landed in Xiamen Xiangan, causing great loss to the company. According to the damage the company disclosed, Xiamen Engineering shares in the Xiamen plant about 410 thousand square meters, the damaged plants (including buildings and ancillary facilities) about 7-9 million square meters, the amount of the expected loss of about 1500-2000 million yuan; 100 million yuan of machinery and equipment, spare parts, inventory goods and materials in the rain water, the specific loss the amount of the investigation, after test, further evaluation confirmed. Announcements, the company has insured the property to the Peoples Insurance Company of China all risks, the insurance company has entered the factory investigation, evidence, is handling insurance claims related matters. Xiamen Engineering shares said, estimated that the disaster will cause a certain impact on the production and operation of the company, will gradually resume production, related economic losses still further statistical verification. According to relevant regulations, the company will fulfill the obligation of information disclosure. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

Tomorrow begins to do these do not delay the child! Sohu –winavi

Tomorrow begins to do these do not delay the child! Sohu maternal and child tomorrow is September 1st, the national day of primary and secondary school students. I believe that many children still feel not enjoy the game, this state is not conducive to learning the new semester. The beginning of a semester is very important, parents busy, but also for the children to do these preparations, you do it? Pure · meditation after a holiday, all day watching TV, playing games, wine and dine the joy of shopping, could be a few kids? I’m afraid I always miss, or that did not read the cartoon, did not beat the big boss bar. So, the first thing to do is to clean the child’s heart, let the child calm down into the classroom. These days, let the children feel too excited. Don’t do it, you can practice calligraphy, listen to soothing music, reading is a good choice. Go to bed and get up early to play games, watch TV until midnight, and some even play all night, woke up at noon on the second day, so the clock if you put in the classroom, can learn many things? The teacher will not stop when the child is asleep. From now on, the provisions must go to bed before the child is 10, what is naturally wake up don’t think, make an early alarm clock, the best time to go to school and a few days later with the child’s biological clock will gradually adjust to the state of the school day. Do not wait until after school to adjust, after school, there are a lot of things to do after school. Read · see the tension of life back again, a holiday didn’t read children, don’t expect him to immediately enter into the state of learning. So, let the children sit down and read before the opening, the content does not need to be authoritative and professional, as long as the child is love can help children win their hearts over, but also to expand children’s knowledge. Don’t let your children see the sunset, the first thought is: so many birds, really good, really good! Reading can make children’s mind is: "flies and the sunset sky." Make plans during the summer lazy, do not seem to be in the plan, arbitrary, anyway, there is no test waiting for their own. But learning can not do without planning. In order to learn an arrangement, a motivating their learning goals, will help children get better grades. So, before the start of the new semester, parents can ask children to talk about the heart, ask the child to study this term plan, when necessary to give children proper guidance and help children learn time management, and improve the children’s ability of self management. Give the child some vision, such as school students can see, can be together happy learning, happy to play, this will let the children full of longing and expectation for the new semester, trying to get back to the campus. Equipment ready to think that we go to school that time, the only thing that can make their expectations of the new semester, I am afraid that is to buy a new bag and new stationery. Each child will never be a bag, book!相关的主题文章: